Maddi Leigh

Tweet Totes

Twitter is full of published content, both visual and written. For this body of work, I decided to look at my Twitter account in particular, as that is a part of my past self that is very much 'published,' despite how cringeworthy those tweets seem today. However, when looking at my old tweets, several things came to mind. Each tweet was either reminiscent of the past and the lingo used in 2012, or profound in the sense that they are things that I think about as a Uni student in 2016. I selected the tweets, ‘Mondays can go die’, ‘Cant be bothered studying’ and ‘Procrastination is my middle name’, taking this concept into consideration. In a more recent setting, balancing different aspects of life as a Uni student, namingly social, part-time work and Uni, is difficult. Those tweets are relatable to struggling Uni students like myself, as exams and deadlines are fast approaching. I produced my design on something regularly used by Uni students - graphic tote bags. As I walked to and from my classes each day, my tweets were published in a new form. By adding the dates to each tweet, it creates a narrative of time and allows each tote to work together in unison. The ‘#wisdomofmyyouth’ was added to the design while reflecting on the old tweets, and how my 15 year old mindset is no different to the mindset I have four years on.