Maddi Leigh

Purpose box

Purpose is a company that partners with non-for-profit companies who fight for a cause. We were tasked to recreate their boxes with are mailed to their donors each month. As a communication designer, I am always keeping the beautiful packages that the things I purchase come in. But as for the tacky plastic and cardboard boxes that seem to be everywhere, I, like everyone else, throw them out. But as for the beautiful packages I keep, I dont actually look at or repurpose. So keeping this fact in mind and, I thought that I could make a package out of a material that could be repurposed once received.

My neighbourhood is going through a lot of renovations and demolitions, and as a result there are old hardwood fence pailings waiting to be taken to the dump on the side of the road. So why not reuse them? The rustic aesthetic is ‘hip’ these days, and wooden boxes in particular are all over Pinterist and Instagram. By using recycled material the constructed box has a low enviromental impact, and by using old wood no trees have to be chopped down in order to produce them. Therefore, I made my box out of fence pailings that have been sanded down to show their natural colour underneath the aging wooden surface. The insides of the box can easily be removed, allowing for the box to be repurposed; e.g. to hold magazines or art supplies.